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PostPosted: Mon 1. Jun 2009, 18:01
by TimeTraveler
This is suppose to happen at 12:05pm on the West Coast correct? I live in Missouri, so I would expect "The Pulse" to happen at 2:05pm correct?

PostPosted: Mon 1. Jun 2009, 19:20
by Shwuigy
yeah timetraveler i like that idea, lets do it!

PostPosted: Mon 1. Jun 2009, 19:57
by TimeTraveler
less than 10 minutes.....310-584-2005

PostPosted: Mon 1. Jun 2009, 20:00
by TimeTraveler
Let's let them know WE WANT THIS SHOW BACK!!!!

It's Official

PostPosted: Mon 1. Jun 2009, 20:13
by Serenity
As of 13 minutes ago, by my watch anyway, the Pulse has happened. Let us take a moment and solemly remember the unjust cancelling of our beloved show.

[align=center]*moment of silence
:fox: *[/align]

Happy Day of the Pulse everyone. Did you all send in your letters/emails to FOX :reread: ? If you didn't I'll send the Reds after you :keule: ! (just kidding).

On another note, I think we should send FOX letters every day this month and make the Pulse celebration last all month instead of just one day. Plus, this way we could still implent all of the ideas we had for today, like flooding the phone lines with calls, getting the petition signatures to the FOX headquarters, etc.

PostPosted: Mon 1. Jun 2009, 21:28
by darkjak
Here's my email:

The Day of the Pulse is upon us and as a part of the Day of the Pulse Campaign I am sending you this email to inform you that the wish for a continuation of the Dark Angel franchise has not gone away, and remains strong with thousands of fans worldwide. Me and other fans are requesting for you to either make a movie, a mini series, a comic book or something else out of Dark Angel. If you don't want to do anything with Dark Angel yourselves, sell the rights to someone whom will!

The Day of the Pulse accordingly to the show took place on June 1st 2009 when a terrorist attack consisting of an electro magnetic pulse ruined the US economy and cost the US's place in the world as a superpower. The incident is what creates the entire premise of the show and is therefor a symbolic date for all Dark Angel lovers. We are embracing this special day and pleaing to you to enable us to get closure on this subject.

Dark Angel is forever!

PostPosted: Mon 1. Jun 2009, 22:36
by The High Place
Happy Day of The Pulse everyone!! :D

I can't believe how far 2009 seemed when I was watching the show in 2001, yet how recent 2001 seems tonight!! It's like I was discovering the show yesterday, how time flies...

I almost wish the Pulse really happened, lol is that wrong???... :mrgreen:

I keep imagining how it would be like right now, with TVs all over the world saying they'd lost contact with the USA, every computers and informatic systems there being unavailable and all...

It's hard to explain, but even though we knew it was not going to happen, the fact that we are actually going through the Day of the Pulse and nothing's happening kinda feels like a "reality check" lol...

Oh well, still love the show more than ever, and I hope whatever is being made by fans in LA at the moment is going well!! :nation: :group:

PostPosted: Tue 2. Jun 2009, 00:39
by Shwuigy
yeah serenity good idea, I like that. The mail everyday may be quite a bit, but if everybody tries to do it every few days hopefully we'll get a steady flow going, and we really should coordinate a time for phone calls that everyone is in on.
time traveler nice work lol, but the problem was not too many people read the post probably before it happened.

im gonna go ahead and set the day just for the sake of having an actual date, i hope that's okay with everybody - how about june 8, one week from now, we all call in at 3 pm pacific time (the time zone of the LA fox headquarters), this is GMT -8
im just choosing 3 over 12 since they may all be out at lunch at 12 and we want the most people there as is possible when we start phoning in

PostPosted: Tue 2. Jun 2009, 17:06
by Laura
Good idea, Serenity!! So, let's all organize ourselves and send those letters!!
I'm sure it can an effect if we all participate :D

PostPosted: Thu 4. Jun 2009, 13:21
by gtf_dean_fenech
how did everybody do?

PostPosted: Tue 9. Jun 2009, 14:30
by alistair
Hi you great fans,you've been doing really well over the day of the pulse;I'm impressed with your commitment to the cause! Personally, I sent three letters on May 26th to the addresses you gave me........but I just received two back 'return to sender'! Well at least one got through! Hey !!! I also sent e-mails :the address for Americans worked as long as I left my post code blank.The one for the U K just wouldn't go through even after repeated attempts!The phone calls just went through to an answering machine,or the operator put me to an answering machine.I couldn't do any additional phoning etc cause I wasn't well,but I'm better now.Liked your e-mail,gtf_dean_fenech....mine was good too!Does anyone know if the petition has gone to Fox?If not,it can still be sent,and why not send it to Jamnes Cameron as well! Peace,Happiness and Success to you all.Stay strong in the struggle!!!!!

PostPosted: Thu 11. Jun 2009, 19:46
by Shwuigy
Nice job alistair! I did the same basic thing, sending my letters and emails. I didn't get anything back though (at least not yet). I also think that the petition should really be sent to fox and james cameron. It would probably really help a lot.

PostPosted: Tue 15. Sep 2009, 21:25
by rantanplan
i'm sinceraly sorry, but... i missed the day of the pulse!!!

like each of you know, i was away of the forum since a long time, i was not free, so, i don't participate to this event too... . i'm sorry.

i read that some news things have been tryed, like phone calls, with the letters, and everythings else... .
is there a return of all this actions ? what is the things, for them who phone? or maybe somebody has go to the fox building? please, give some news to the "always-late-member" that i am... .

And please, serenity, don't send me a too big team of red... . 2 or 3 guys maximum, for let me a chance to survive ;).


PostPosted: Wed 16. Sep 2009, 18:36
by Shwuigy
Guys I know the next barcodeday is still pretty far, but lets plan more now so that we're REALLY ready. I think that we shouldn't concentrate all our attention on fox this time. We should still show them how much we miss the show, but they killed it, right? Therefore I think we should also try and persuade another network that it is a really great opportunity to pick up a show that is enormously popular! What do you guys think?

PostPosted: Sat 19. Sep 2009, 10:43
by X5DNA
The Day of the Pulse has passed, but it's still the Year of the Pulse, and there are a lot of people who are concerned that the Pulse could really happen.

I was at an electromagnetic pulse conference in Niagara Falls, New York earlier this month. There were more than 700 people there to talk about the dangers of a real Pulse attack.

Most of the people there were either scientists or emergency responders. Most non-scientists still regard a Pulse attack as too much like science fiction.

Many scientists are really concerned about the damage that a large solar storm could do. The damage caused by a large solar storm would be very much like a Pulse attack in many respects. Before the electric power grid was built, a large solar storm in 1859 caused several small fires at telegraph stations, and completely burned down at least one telegraph station.

I've got a lot more information on my web site now about the real electromagnetic pulse damage that happened when nuclear weapons were exploded over Kazakhstan in 1962 by the Soviet Union.

The writer of the book One Second After was at the Electromagnetic Pulse conference. One Second After is the story about what life would be like in the year after the Pulse.

One Second After got as high as number 11 on the New York Times fiction bestseller list. The original edition was badly edited by the publisher, and a better (re-edited) version is coming out later this year. (A French version will be out in October and a German version in April.)

The movie version of One Second After is still in development at Warner Brothers, but it is impossible to predict how long it will take to complete.

The writer of One Second After said that he is not going to write a sequel. If the movie becomes very popular, and Warner Brothers wants another movie about life after the Pulse, the most logical place to look will be the Dark Angel story.

The writer of One Second After made my Dark Angel Science page the primary scientific link on his web site about real Pulse effects.

Since the book One Second After was released six months ago, my Dark Angel Science page has been accessed nearly 17,000 times. A 200-page U.S. government report about the damage that a Pulse attack would do has been downloaded from my web site 40,000 times since the book One Second After came out. The new U.S. government report on electromagnetic pulse mentions Hurricane Katrina 34 times, so I guess that they don't want to make all of the same mistakes after a Pulse attack that they made after Katrina.

I wrote a Wikipedia article about the book One Second After. One of the other Wikipedia editors added a note saying that the subject of the book is similar to Dark Angel, and added a link from that article to the Wikipedia article on Dark Angel.