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New Updates!

PostPosted: Thu 12. Jun 2008, 20:26
by Serenity
It's been a while, but I've updated my site a bit, and I plan to do quite a bit more updating soon :applause: Since the last post to this topic was May of '07, I've copied and pasted all the site updates I've made since then below, with the most recent ones first. And unfortunately Mikajah, the Conclave RPG isn't going to happen :cry: :

6/11/08: The look for the E-cards, FAQ, Registry (guestbook) and Sector Map (guestmap) have been updated. The broken sound files for E-cards have been fixed and various FAQ answers have been reworded for clarity. The Registry now loads in the main window and the Sector Map posting options have been changed.

6/10/08: The banners and buttons to link back to the PPS have been updated. The Conclave section has been renamed to Familiars, consolidated and is almost finished. The Manticore, WY personnel files are now accessible from each page of the section instead of just the Reds page. Also, an image of Agent Sandoval has been added to his file. The image for the book Skin Game on the Merchandise page has been changed to a larger one that no longer has an advertisement on one corner.

3/27/08: The Registry (guestbook) colors and text styles have been updated and/or changed for better readability. I am in the process of widening the pages of the group so they fill more of the main information window. Please be patient; any page that doesn't fill the main window will very shortly.

11/4/07: The main page marquee has been shifted over and a notice of when the site was last updated has been added. The Conlcave section is going to be transformed into regular information pages instead of an RPG because right now I don't have the time to manage another RPG.

9/13/07: It's become time consuming to maintain the forum so it's going to be closed. All information will be moved to the Dark Angel Network, a forum I'm a moderator at.

PostPosted: Fri 13. Jun 2008, 14:29
by hedghehog
wow i love those E-cards im gonna send few to cheer someone up :)

PostPosted: Sat 14. Jun 2008, 11:48
by darkjak
Nice page.
I'd like there to be a day of the pulse campaign page though.

Under Consideration

PostPosted: Sat 14. Jun 2008, 20:30
by Serenity
darkjak wrote:Nice page.
I'd like there to be a day of the pulse campaign page though.

Once I finish all the updates I have planned, I'll work on adding one.

PostPosted: Sat 14. Jun 2008, 22:22
by nova[dsm]
I suggest you to put the credit song

PostPosted: Sun 15. Jun 2008, 00:44
by gtf_dean_fenech
I suggest you to put the credit song

me too

PostPosted: Tue 24. Jun 2008, 21:28
by moonlitestar
The geocities ads are quite annoying, but the content is good :) I would recommend using another web host...that has no ads. There are a couple out there that are pretty good...just gotta find them. isn't bad...

PostPosted: Sun 29. Jun 2008, 21:12
by Serenity
darkjak wrote:Nice page.
I'd like there to be a day of the pulse campaign page though.

It's been added, along with an info page about BCD, for those who may not know about it. Check out these pages if you have some time and let me know if you guys think I should add or change any of the info.

nova[dsm] wrote:I suggest you to put the credit song

Done 8)

PostPosted: Sat 5. Jul 2008, 02:35
by rantanplan
like this website... .

if i had to tell something, it could be about the adds on the page.
Of course, i know that it's depend of your host server, so it's not a negative point for you, but if you could cancel them, i think it could be better for your website. ;).


PostPosted: Thu 17. Jul 2008, 14:32
by 331845739494
I like it! Once more, the ads are annoying, but the content makes up for it. I'm not gonna keep repeating the same stuff. I'm over the ad thing. I especially like the 'reunion' dealio, and the way you have the links. *shrug*

PostPosted: Thu 17. Jul 2008, 15:55
by rantanplan
About the ads, i know that with some hosters, you can delete them. (it's not really autorized, but, you makes backup of your website, and you're safe ;) ).
I don't know for yours, but if you are interessed, ask me, and i search for you about that... .


PostPosted: Thu 17. Jul 2008, 22:42
by Saahm23
again good work Serenity :D good to see you're too still working on your site. I wanna add one of the new banners to ur site in my link section soon

PostPosted: Thu 17. Jul 2008, 23:58
by Serenity
Glad you guys like it. And as far as the ads go, I don't know if any of you guys noticed but there's two little black "arrows" at the top (they look like this: >>). If you click them the ad minimizes.

PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 00:38
by gtf_dean_fenech
(they look like this: >>).

yes, but its still a bit irritating

PostPosted: Fri 18. Jul 2008, 06:33
by 331845739494
On my browser they seem to re-open when I refresh, and stuff like that. *shrug* Maybe its just me. They are very irritating, indeed.