my first fan vid

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my first fan vid

Postby Shwuigy » Mon 18. May 2009, 06:35

Hey guys, made my first DA video. It's about max and alec and how alec always seems to be getting himself into trouble. If anybody wants to watch it I would really appreciate your feedback.
the youtube link is

thanks guys!:)
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Postby Jay » Mon 18. May 2009, 08:07

eeek max and alec :angry:

but yeah despite my opinion on the couple it was a nice vid good job keep it up ! :mrgreen:
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Postby Shwuigy » Mon 18. May 2009, 08:11

thanks:), but its not really max and alec right? cause im not saying there's anything romantic there im just saying its funny how alec always gets max so pissed
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Postby Samaxa » Mon 18. May 2009, 10:29

its a nice video....good job :wink: :wink: :wink:
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Postby alistair » Thu 28. May 2009, 23:32

Well done!I enjoyed your video- and Max and's more a brother sister thing gone wrong isn't it ? But very interesting!!. Wish I could make a video,but my computer skills are pretty limited.I look forward to your next offering though.
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Postby Shwuigy » Fri 29. May 2009, 01:29

i've got another one im working on now alistair, more of an exciting action-type video
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Postby Maxie » Fri 29. May 2009, 15:07

:lol: nice clip ^^
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Postby rantanplan » Tue 15. Sep 2009, 20:14

yes, even the music look like a friendly one, rather a romantic one :).

good job, especially for a first trying!!


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Postby Shwuigy » Wed 16. Sep 2009, 19:09

I really want to make another, I just can't find the time!
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Postby Laura » Sun 20. Sep 2009, 19:15

It's a great video, Shwuigy. Good job!!! And I love the Arctic Monkeys :D
Max and Alec are so funny! I just love these two characters.

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Postby Petscho » Wed 23. Sep 2009, 00:04

I find your Video clips is not bad :lol:

thus nice clips Max and Alec
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Postby Allison Lightning » Wed 23. Sep 2009, 02:01

I want to upload DA music videos but the last time I did it I was kicked off for copyright violation. ( And I had only five videos)

Neat vid though Shwuigy.
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