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PostPosted: Thu 9. Dec 2010, 15:07
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*

I'm just wondering if anyone of you know a webpage or something where I can find some avatars of DA. I had a web where I used to look for, but now is deleted and I can't find new ones :sad:

can you help me? I want to change my avatar ^^

Re: avatars

PostPosted: Thu 9. Dec 2010, 16:00
by SAM 453

look here , go in the Photo Galery :ok:

Re: avatars

PostPosted: Fri 10. Dec 2010, 17:39
by kimiM

here's a page full of DA avatar:

those were made by many different fans... hope I'll you find one that you like! :wink:

Re: avatars

PostPosted: Sun 23. Jan 2011, 17:41
by Maxie
:ok: now we have a Avatar Gallery in the Forum. ^^

When you not have a avatar look in the Gallery found when you go to your Profil and then you click Gallery.

Wir haben nun eine Avatar Gallery im Forum.

Wenn ihr keinen avatar habt k├Ânnt ihr euch da einen aussuchen. Ihr findet die Gallery im Profil und dann
auf Gallery clicken.