A question...

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A question...

Postby NoelB » Tue 4. May 2010, 08:17

Hello fellow admirers of Dark Angel... I am a filmmaker and film/TV historian based in Paris and I am currently preparing an essay on our favorite series...

And I have a question which has been bothering me for years and to which a perusal of the forum has broght no answer, though I may have missed something...

How is it that Fox Television, where one must assume the dominant ideas are those of Fox News, produced a series which is located far to the left of anything I have ever seen from HBO!... anti-militarist, anti-marriage, pro-squat, pro-gay, with a working-class viewpoint, etc. etc. All of this has often been noted here...

For a while it was my belief that there is a bult-in ambiguity, and that the film is in fact appealing to a certain right-wing anarchism and the apocalyptic strand of the US radical right (hurry on down)... But a careful examination belies this, I think, the series is too systematic in its attacks on conservative values... And there is that extraordinary line from Logan which I'm sure you all remember. Referring to a resistance group which suddenly appears in thI forget which episode: "They believe in direct action and so they call them terrorists" (I'm quoting from memory).

I even wonder about Cameron, none of whose films have a particularily left-wing slant...

Any ideas would be welcome.

Noël Burch
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