The pendulum always swings back...

Let us know who you are and where are you from / Hier könnt ihr euch vorstellen und uns was über euch erzählen

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The pendulum always swings back...

Postby cazpotato » Mon 22. Aug 2011, 03:19


I am here again, to watch season 1 and bitch about season 2! :freak:

I guess there's no chance of any kind of continuation now, but maybe what we got was enough? :)

Is this place still active? I get the burning urge to write fanfic now.... AHHHHH!

- Caz (the lunatic that wanted to explode everyone.. :fox: )
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Re: The pendulum always swings back...

Postby Saahm23 » Fri 26. Aug 2011, 00:24

:freak: welcome back caz, and yes there are still some active freaks around here ;)
Oh and for me we never got enough DA episodes -.-' plus i need a story ending ^^
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Re: The pendulum always swings back...

Postby Laura » Thu 1. Sep 2011, 15:04

Welcome among us cazpotato!
Hope you like it here! Yeah, this forum is still active, don't worry :thumbup:

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