New guy here :)

Let us know who you are and where are you from / Hier könnt ihr euch vorstellen und uns was über euch erzählen

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New guy here :)

Postby Ilko.kostov » Thu 7. Feb 2008, 23:25

Greetings everyone !
My name is Iliq and I'm from Bulgaria. An year ago I found out about Dark Angel and I got instantly hooked to it. Like all of you I'm still addicted to the TV series and everything related to it and when found this cool forum I decided to join ya. :roll:

About myself ,hmm ..... I am interested in physics and linguistics and I also enjoy reading history related books and a bit of fantasy.
Anyway, it feels nice to be with other DA fans and ..... "crosses fingers about the movie- rumors" :nation:

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Postby Laura » Thu 7. Feb 2008, 23:35

Welcome Iliq :D
Hope you'll like the forum ;)

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Postby Saahm23 » Fri 8. Feb 2008, 00:21

:group: welcome here Iliq, nice that you decide to join us
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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Fri 8. Feb 2008, 11:16

Welcome you to Our Humble Abode. Read our past topics to catch up. So have fun and enjoy
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Postby moonlitestar » Fri 8. Feb 2008, 14:36

Welcome Iliq! Glad to have you here. :D
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Postby hedghehog » Fri 8. Feb 2008, 17:58

we all hope that movie rumors are true,Welcome aboard man not much of eastern folks here.
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Postby WINGZERO » Fri 8. Feb 2008, 20:42

Weeeeeellllllcoooooommmeeeee ^^
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Postby rantanplan » Sat 16. Feb 2008, 16:10

welcome here, ilko!!

have fun with us!

when found this cool forum I decided to join ya

ohh!! it's a really good idea, you know! :D.

good to see that always somebody new can find this forum, and enjoy from that ;).

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