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PostPosted: Sat 3. Jan 2009, 05:23
by Zackx5599
hey all, new here, just saying hey. I'm Tim from South Carolina

PostPosted: Sat 3. Jan 2009, 11:14
by Jana X5-169
Hi Tim


have fun! :thumbup:

PostPosted: Sat 3. Jan 2009, 15:45
by tim1990
ah another tim in the DAN have fun :P hope you like it here

PostPosted: Sun 4. Jan 2009, 19:26
by x5sil
welcome tim!

PostPosted: Sun 4. Jan 2009, 22:50
by Laura
Welcome among us, Zackx5599 :D
Hope you'll like the forum ;)

PostPosted: Tue 6. Jan 2009, 01:40
by Max Guevara\X5 452
Welcome To DA Network Zackx5599 :D

PostPosted: Tue 6. Jan 2009, 13:46
by gtf_dean_fenech
sorry i'm a bit late, welcome. Read up on past topics and catch up on what we've been up to so far (like the topics in my signiture for example) and please comment where you want or even start you're own discussions. Have fun and hope to see more of you here.

PostPosted: Thu 8. Jan 2009, 01:00
by Serenity
Welcome to the family :group:

PostPosted: Sun 8. Feb 2009, 19:45
by Saahm23
Warm welcome Zackx5599 :D hope you'll like it here.

PostPosted: Mon 9. Feb 2009, 18:03
by rantanplan
welcome here, with all my late!
but don't worry, it's a tradition for me to come after the war :).
(i was very busy with my school, but i'm on hollyday, now).

have fun here!


PostPosted: Sun 15. Feb 2009, 19:23
by Petscho
I like it here in Network

PostPosted: Tue 17. Feb 2009, 20:17
by Angel_94
hey, wellcome to the dark angel network....

PostPosted: Thu 19. Feb 2009, 23:00
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
sorry for being late ^^

welcome on board Tim.

you choose a character that I adore ;)

PostPosted: Fri 20. Feb 2009, 00:14
by Allison Lightning
Welcome to the board, where we are all strong with the struggle and fighting againt the evil :fox:
I just love that emoticon