Project TALENT, subproject of MKULTRA

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Project TALENT, subproject of MKULTRA

Postby Saahm23 » Thu 25. Jan 2007, 22:35

I found this on the net, and this shit is intresting as hell... :shock:

The Link :

The Story :

Ultimate Warrior: Robert Duncan O'Finioan

A video interview with Duncan O'Finioan

Kentucky, November 2006:

Duncan O’Finioan was ... all » the Ultimate Warrior... brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT. From a thousand others trained as child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, only one of 20 left alive to tell the story.

In his powerful and compelling testimony for the camera – one of the most extraordinary we have ever heard – Duncan describes:

– His mission to “terminate” the very drunk, future President of the United States... George W Bush; – His dizzying enhanced physical and psychic abilities... including the abilities to hurl someone across the room with his mind, and walk through a solid wall; – How he and 11 other children were flown to Cambodia to deliver a targeted death blow to all the surrounding Khmer Rouge troops... using only the combined power of their minds; – How his right arm is “hardwired” and is capable of astonishing speed and strength; – His struggle to regain his memory, aided by a car accident which led to the discovery of a cranial implant uncovered by an MRI machine... deactivating the implant and causing the MRI machine to catch fire; – His role as a programmed assassin, targeting Americans under the command of an undisclosed agency; – The selection, torture, and brutal training process that he endured... and which children are undergoing to this day; – And more…

Twenty years later, Duncan (who is of mixed Cherokee and Irish blood) comes forward to tell the truth about the Ultimate Warrior project: how he was chosen, groomed and tortured into becoming the perfect fighting machine, combining physical superiority with the extraordinary mental abilities of a psychic spy.

Fearless, principled, and determined to regain control over his life, Duncan O’Finioan tells his story in detail. Do not miss this interview.

MKULTRA government intelligence mind control programs. The visitor unaware of MKULTRA needs to keep in mind that 8 adult victims, out of several hundred adult and child victims, did successfully sue the CIA and WON. MKULTRA is not a hoax, and several hundred adult AND CHILD victims still await compensation and an official apology from the U.S. and Canadian governments.

for more visited the Free Voice Forum
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Postby Laura » Fri 26. Jan 2007, 11:00

It's kinda strange I think lol!
I mean, it's looks like DA, but in real life... I don't really know what to think about it :roll:

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Postby *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo* » Fri 26. Jan 2007, 15:07

:shock: :shock: Wooow :shock: :shock:
I agree with Laura... it's very strange...
do you know what it can mean? that DA isn't completely a fantastic show... perhaps have features of reality and it's possible that this is another reason of the cancellation of the show ... (sorry but my head goes away :twisted: I'm a bit crazy)
what do you think?? :?:
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Postby Saahm23 » Fri 26. Jan 2007, 22:47

I don't know if this was one of the factors for canceling DA.I guess no ^^ but it is a very strange story.It was shocking me :? and makes me angry a lil bit :x
Laura got right some things are the same how in DA.This project are still runing.
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Postby Max Guevara\X5 452 » Sun 28. Jan 2007, 02:35

yeah it sounds like DA alot only its in real life
Max Guevara\X5 452
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Postby Bellerophon » Sun 28. Jan 2007, 03:02

Here you can see: In the most Science Fiction there's a grain of truth in reality
Wer die Dummköpfe gegen sich hat, verdient Vertrauen
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