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James Cameron says Avatar 2 delayed to 2016

PostPosted: Mon 16. Jan 2012, 00:28
by Saahm23
The director revealed it will be at least four years before the sequel to his smash hit will be in cinemas.
We know that James Cameron did not rush anything about Avatar, taking around ten years to bring his vision to the cinema, and it looks like he is doing exactly the same with the follow-up after revealing that Avatar 2 will probably not be out until 2016.

The director had previously speculated that the film would be released in two years time, with a third film in the series out the following year, but now he has said that it will be “at least four years” before fans get their second visit to Pandora.

Cameron was speaking at a screening of his 3D re-release of Titanic, which he claims is a more intimate experience than the original. Well, if you think that being made to feel like you’re about to die on a sinking ship with debris, bodies and water coming towards you, then yes, I suppose it could be intimate.