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Postby jondy09 » Mon 30. Apr 2007, 03:14

But they are in German... and I only took 2 years of it in school... I don't know how to translate an adobe reader document... can anyone help?
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Postby Bellerophon » Mon 30. Apr 2007, 09:20

as far as I have seen it it a information site about manticore with a short summary about it. It looks little bit like a subsite of As far as I have seen the PDF is only a calender for the year 2005 ^^ When you've seen DA I think you know already everything written there. But if you have further questions please write ask. I hope I'll find some time to translate if you need ;)
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Postby Saahm23 » Mon 30. Apr 2007, 15:10

This site IS a subsite of The webmaster "rady" ;)
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