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DA song

PostPosted: Fri 22. Jun 2007, 18:27
by hedghehog
what song does play in your head when you think about DA
my songs are:
1.Puff Daddy-ill be missing you
2.Nightwish-I wish i had an angel
3 chuck D-DA theme
.....and so on :D

PostPosted: Sat 23. Jun 2007, 01:10
by Laura
Khia - My neck, my back
The Spooks - Things I've seen
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood

All these songs appear in the series ^^
And the first 2 belong to the DA CD hehe

PostPosted: Sat 23. Jun 2007, 02:01
by rantanplan
i remember too "bitch" of meredith brooke, when max help logan to quit the hospital room, when the roquet make explose the place. :-).

(it's at the moment to she tell that she want buy a new moto lol).


PostPosted: Mon 25. Jun 2007, 11:35
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
jeje I'm here again^^ sorry for being dissapeared these days... I had all the end-of-term exams... :?

well, I've to confess that the song of Deliver me remember me too much DA.. thanks to the great vid of Anabir :lol: but the song Angels from Within Temptation remembers me a lot the Freak Nation too^^

PostPosted: Mon 25. Jun 2007, 12:56
by rantanplan
mm there is a lot of song that recall me DA, but the song that angel nocturno has use in the video "protesta" on youtube, that's one of them.

but sorry, i don't know the title, and the name of creator. :-).


PostPosted: Mon 25. Jun 2007, 23:27
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
that song is from the CD remix of DA.... if the admin of the forum allows me, I can put the link form megaupload of the whole CD remix of DA that I have...

sorry rantanplan, I don't know the name... I'll search it and put it later :wink:

PostPosted: Mon 25. Jun 2007, 23:46
by rantanplan
i have dl a cd that cover is "dark angel : the original tv serie sound track".

(and i can't remember when i have heard all this song in the serie lol).

but in this CD, i don't find your song, so probably it's a another cd.. .

if link are accepted, maybe i can find a solution for give another song here.
(if link are not accepted, i have msn, if you want lol).

not a problem for the name, take all your time (french sentence, maybe it's no existing in english lol).


PostPosted: Tue 26. Jun 2007, 10:16
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
jeje my CD is not the CD from the show, because it has 35 songs, in 3 CD's :lol: it has all the songs from the show, and I put the name oh the episode in some of them.... I found the name:

Joel McNeely - Dark Angel (KMN Score Remix - 22min27sec)

yes, that song lasts 22 minutes :lol: but is great^^

PostPosted: Wed 27. Jun 2007, 09:37
by Bellerophon

another title from DA is from Sibelius - Valse Triste ;)

it's genious ;)

PostPosted: Wed 27. Jun 2007, 12:22
by rantanplan
angel : ohh, you have a cd with absolutely all song that we can heard in the 2 season of DA ??? it's great!! lol.

thanks for name.

i can give title of all song that i am about DA, in the cd about i told, but you have probably the same song, and more, no?


PostPosted: Wed 27. Jun 2007, 20:55
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
yes, I've a CD with the songs of the 2 seasons (well, not ALL, but more of them^^) I dowloaded it from internet... It has all the songs of the official CD and more... 3 CDs jeje :wink:

PostPosted: Wed 27. Jun 2007, 21:00
by Saahm23
Iam sure you downloaded it from a paysite :roll: and filesharing is not allowed so pls be carefull wich words you both choose. We all never want that the Network or some of our users get problems with this :wink:

So i remember everytime i hear some songs of Linkin Park or Evanescence on DA. Because some fits really good and in DA Fanvideos are often songs of them.

PostPosted: Wed 27. Jun 2007, 21:39
by Bellerophon
hmm - maybe everyone could note down about the songs he/she knows about the soundtrack - how to get them is everyones' own task ;)

PostPosted: Wed 27. Jun 2007, 23:30
by *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*
Yeah, I know it Saahm and I'm sorry if I disturbed :wink: I know that some kind of filesharing is not totally "legal", don't worry :wink:

and returning to the topic... :) another song that remembers me a lot to DA is "the one" from Nikki Harris... it sounds in the ep. 2x19 when Max leaves Seattle with her moto... :cry: I love it^^

PostPosted: Thu 28. Jun 2007, 12:25
by rantanplan
sorry too for desagrements, saahms. :-). I can promise you that the network will not have problem with illegal thing in the futur, for my part. :-).

i watch season 2 of DA because i'm on hollydays, now. So when i watch episode 19, i will probably remeber this song. :-).

bye!! ps : angel nocturno, i have had you on my msn. I hope it's not a problem. :).