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Postby rantanplan » Tue 15. Sep 2009, 15:13

i'm not sure, but, the problem is to find the music when max and logan fall in prodigy?

if joel mcneely composes that just for the episod, it can be hard to find this music in download, but you can extract that directly to the episod, no? just capture the sound track at the instant of the fall :).

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Re: Fan Resource

Postby ValentineWiggin » Sat 7. Nov 2009, 04:08

Hi, I just found this thread as I've been looking for the piece played over the ending of the episode The Berrisford Agenda. It's a beautiful, if depressing, piano piece. It plays while Alec stands at Rachel's grave, and then through the end of the episode, and I would love to get a hold of it.
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Re: Fan Resource

Postby kimiM » Wed 25. Aug 2010, 17:19


just wanted to share three songs that weren't in the list of the first page:
ep119 Lil'Mo - Supa star = at the beginning when Max and OC are at their apartment
ep120 MC Lyte - Roll With Tha Thick Of Us = Max and Rafer motor race
ep206 Tormented - Tech N9ne = OC, Max, Alec & Sketchy are at Crash

...and if some of you, want to listen to most of the soundtrack already identify, i did a compilation right here:

enjoy! ;)

I think the song you're looking for ValentineWiggin, the last piano song in the berrisford agenda is:
Sebastien Bach - Toccata in C Minor, Partita No. 2 & English Suite No. 2 :wink:
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