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Postby Serenity » Wed 19. Sep 2007, 04:53

The majority of these nitpicks were discovered by DarkAngel2019 and Melas X6 784 and posted at What are nitpicks? Well, according to DarkAngel2019 from

What are Nitpicks: the dictionary definition of nitpicks is To be concerned with or find fault with insignificant details
Why find Nitpicks: simply cause it's so d*mn FUN!
Where do I find Nitpicks: theoretically you can find nitpicks in everything. from a TV show to any movie but technically you will prob. only spot some and ignore others or not spot them at all.
When do I find Nitpicks: when you pay REALLY close attention to details and usualy it is not in the first view of the episode/movie but on the 3 or 4th time.

1.01 PILOT
*When Eric hugs Max he puts his right hand on her hair, close up on Eric and his left hand is on her hair, shot changes again and again it's the right hand.

*At Jam Pony Max is wearing one outfit, then you see her riding over to Logan's house with a different outfit and black shoes, when she gets to Logan's house she's back in her Jam Pony outfit and black-white shoes.

*When Max gives Eric her pager she walks over to the ledge with her back in her hand, shot changes and the back is on her shoulders.

1.02 Flushed
*In Jail when Max and Break sit on the floor Bleak is holding his coat, close up on Max and you can't see his hand on the coat.
*Max is holding the jar of milk very close to her mouth, shot changes and the jar is nowhere to be seen, shot changes again and the jar is back and very close to her mouth again.

*Running from the police car to the wall, both Max's hands are free but then when she says goodbye to Break the Jam Pony cap is in her right hand.

1.03 C.R.E.A.M.
*When Max is looking thou the pictures there is a long one sticking out to Max's left, shot changes to Max and the picture is now sticking gout the other side.

*Close up on Max and you can see the long picture somewhere in the middle of the pile. Shot changes and the picture is now in the bottom of the pile.

*Logan gives Sung the beer bottles with both hands, shot changes and one hand is on the wheelchair.

*When Sketchy makes his jump he turns the bike's helm right but on the bottom shot it's turning left.

*Considering the files at the police place are organized alphabetically they are a little messy. Top of the list you can see HE, HI, then HE again. And in the HI names you can see HIG, HIL then HID…

*When Max jumps on the guard you can't see her hands. Shot changes and her hands are now on the guard's shoulders.

*When the dealer gives Max and O.C. there winnings in the roulette table you can see Max's fingers, shot changes and she's only leaning on the table with one hand and her fingers are towards the outside of the table.

*Close up on Max in the final game she's holding her cards in her right hand – close up on the cards and they are in her left hand.

1.04 411 on the DL
*When Max runs out of Jam Pony Normal comes over to O.C. in the shot of O.C. you can see Normal's hand for a second and it's kinda bent like he has something under his arm, shot changes and both his hands are down.

*When looking for a job Zack puts his hands on the table kinda close together and close to his body. Shot changes and his hands are now on the sides of his body and much more apart.

*When Zack comes to ask for a job Normal is writing in one hand and holding a paper in the other hand, shot changes and he's just leaning on the desk, the page is down and only then he starts to write.

*When Logan is holding the newspaper it's on the table, shot changes to Max and the paper is now standing straight up, Logan again and the paper is on the table.

*If you take a close look at Max's watch when she checks for the time you will notice that the date says Tuesday 11-14, 9:02pm. That is also the date and time this episode premiered also, in the year 2019 11-14 will actually fall on a Saturday rather then a Tuesday .

*Close up on Max's watch you can see she's touching her watch from the right side pressing the buttons, shot changes and it looks like she's just supporting her left hand with her right from underneath.

*Normal puts his coffee right in front of the computer, shot changes and the coffee cup is now in the middle of the table.

*When Max is talking to Logan outside his building her bike is leaning against the wall and she's holding the bike in one hand, shot changes and the bike is leaning on her and she's holding the bike in both hands.

*Lydecker holds that sound machine with his hand, shot changes and it's just his thumb and index finger.

*When Zack catches Max in his apartment she drops the Tryptophan, close up on her hand and the Tryptophan is still in her hand then she drops it again.

1.05 Prodigy
*When Kendra gives Max the papers she's working on both her legs are on the floor and she's holding the papers in both hands. Shot changes and one of her legs is elevated a little and she's holding the papers with only one hand.

*same scene you can see Kendra holding a pen, shot changes and the pen is gone.

*When Logan tries to get back on his wheelchair, he turns it towards him and you can see that the brake is not touching the wheel, but on a close up on the brake it's locked and Logan unlocks it.

*When talking to Logan Max has her hand in her back pocket, shot changes, her hand is down and she's reaching for a chair with the other hand.

*When Max sits down both her hands are on the chair, shot changes and one hand it on her lap.

*When Max start to cough there is a guy behind her with blue shirt and white cap, shot changes and the guy is nowhere to be seen.

*At the conference in the hallway with Kendra Max is holding her handbag, shot changes and she's not, shot changes again and her hand is on the bag.

*At Crash Sketchy is picking up a glass of water and drinks, shot changes to Herbal and there is no glass.

*When Logan calls Sung there is a guard with a gun right next to Logan, when Sung comes over the guard is standing far away from them.

*When Darius is talking to Logan on the phone and says 'no way' you can see that Lydecker turned and there is no blood on his face.

*When Lydecker sits next to Max her hand is on the chair, shot changes and her hand is on her knee, shot changes again and again it's on the chair.

*In the scene when Max & Lydecker are talking watch the blood on Lydecker's face move. Once it's comes to his cheek shot changes it's all the way to his chin, then cheek and again...

*A guard is waiting for Logan in the entrance of the building, next scene you can see the same guy pushing Max, and the next scene he's still escorting Logan to meet Darius.

*When Max and Logan fall into the bed there is this wood pole from the window that falls in the bed too, but it's over there heads and doesn’t touch them, shot changes and that same wood pole is on them.

1.06 Cold Comfort
*O.C. walks in to Jam Pony with Max, leans her bike over the wall and walks away, then you see Normal putting on Sketchy the new Jam Pony Jacket and you can see O.C. in the background leaning her bike on the wall again.

*on Logan's PC file on Lydecker it says that Lydecker's wife was murdered in 1998, yet Logan says she was murdered in 1995.

*When Deck reaches for the phone is his pocket the scotch bottle is on the right side on the desk, close up on Lydecker and the scotch bottle is not on the left side.

*Logan tells Max & Zack that Lydecker became an alcoholic in '96 after his wife's murder in '95. However, Logan's screen says Lydecker's wife died in '98.

1.07 Blah Blah Woof Woof
*While playing chess Logan's hands are down, shot changes and he's touching his face.

*The policeman showing Max the wanted ad is holding it in his right hand, shot changes and it's in his left hand.

*When Normal gives Sketchy his earphone Sketchy touches it with his right hand, shot changes and now both his hands are on it.

*When Zack walks in to Jam Pony Sketchy has the earphone on him, shot changes to Zack and you can see Sketchy's head but no earphone.

*Who cleaned Logan's window? When Max Logan & Zack are driving to Logan's cabin you can see that in a split second the window goes from totally dirty to so clean that you can see the trees reflection on it.

*In the cabin Zack puts down two glasses and picks up the bottle of wine, shot changes and one glass already has wine.

*When Logan is in need of a transfusion, he says that his blood type, AB negative is extremely rare and that they just gave him the last 2 units of AB blood. Although AB is the rarest blood type, it is also the universal acceptor meaning that Logan could receive a donation of ANY blood type without a problem as long as it's a negative.

1.08 Out
*Max and Kendra are sitting at the table with Coffee mugs on it. Shot changes and Max is touching the coffee mug.

*When Jorge gives Normal Louise's purse, Normal is holding it in his left hand. Shot changes - hand changes.

*When Normal Says 'Adios' there is nothing in Normal's hand, shot changes and there is a pencil in his hand.

*When Normal and Louise are having dinner you can see in one shot Louise's wine glass is empty and Normal's wine glass is not, shot changes and it's the other way around.

*When O.C. talks to Normal she puts a package on the table, shot changes and the package is in her hands again.

1.09 Red
*When Max brings Bruno, blindfolded, back to Logan's penthouse, Watch Logan carefully throughout the whole scene. At one point, we see him with his arms crossed over his chest, then in the next shot, his arms are back down in his lap or resting on the wheels of his chair. The next shot of him, we see Logan lift his arms and cross them. When did he uncross his arms?

*The Hotel clerk takes the money Max gives him, puts it in his pocket and take his hand down. Shot changes and he takes his hand out of his pocket again.

*When Max drives into the court if you slow motion the shot you can see for a second that it's not Jessica but her stunt double on the bike.

1.10 Art Attack
*When Logan presents Max to Daphne, Max is holding her Champagne glass in her right hand, shot changes and the glass is now in the left hand.

*When Logan shoots the guy in the morgue so it'll look like the guy has been shot in the head he cleans the gun so there would be no finger prints but then when he plants the gun in the guys pocket he doesn't use gloves or anything so his prints ARE on the gun....

*When Max takes out the locket, she's holding it by the end of the chain, shot changes and he's holding it in the middle of the chain.

*At the airport, when DuVallier goes through the metal detector, and his luggage goes through the scanning thing, you can see the monitor screen; it is a still image and doesn't show the luggage going through it and being scanned and showing a real-time image.

1.11 Rising
*Johannessen picks up the implant, when he gets up he puts his left hand down, shot changes and he does it again.

*When the fighting scene on the truck starts Max is wearing a blue shirt under her Jacket, during the scene (when the Red braked the pole he's stuck on) her shirt turns black!

*In the lab when Sebastian is talking Logan's hand is open and on his knee, shot changes and it's in a fist.

*When O.C. invited Max to the club Johannessen's gun is on her shoulder, shot changes and he's pointing the gun at her again.

*When Logan sends O.C. to get the case from his wheelchair he takes his hand off the cell phone. Shot changes and he does it again.

*When Logan takes the cell phone from O.C. he puts it to his ear and puts both hands on Max's neck. Shot changes and he's holding the cell phone in one hand.

*When Sebastian asks if Max is ok Logan is holding the cell phone - shot changes and he's just supporting it with his shoulder.

*In the end of the episode when Max takes Logan for a ride on her bike you see Logan shifting with a close up on his leg. Only thing is this is not HIS leg it's Max's and it's not even a shot from that episode. This shot was used first in HEAT and then re-used for this episode.

1.12 The Kidz Are Aiight
*When Zack says that Jondy lives he raises his hand - shot changes and his hand is on his lap.

*In Logan's house at the end Max is holding something in her left hand, shot changes and she's putting it down with her right hand.

*When Max tells Zack she's going to get food she's wearing her leather jacket and a red top. As she's running through the woods she's wearing her cat suit. When she gets to the hill overlooking the gas station she's back in her jacket and top.

*When Zack is in the car with the Manticore doctor keep seeing his hairs curls once they are falling on his face then shot changes and there completely glued backwards. Shot changes and they're back. It goes on and on until they stop.

1.13 Female Trouble
*When Logan comes out of the Doctor's clinic, Max calls him on his mobile, Logan falls and U see the mobile with no battery but is keeps ringing...

*After Max throws Jace off her, she jumps up from the floor - you can see the wire on her lower back if you slow motion the shot.

*When Max sends Jace spinning in the air she puts her hands down, shot changes and her hands are in fighting position.

*Logan lives in the penthouse, which is the apartment on the top floor, so why would there be a woman (Mrs. Moreno) living above him?

*On the top of the space needle Max toast "happy anniversary" for the 10th year of their escape from Manticore and names Brin too... only thing is Brin is
back at Manticore so happy anniversary is not exactly appropriate for her...

1.15 Haven
*When Max says 'you're back in the chair' she's in front of the red wall, close up on her and she's leaning on it from behind.

*Close up on the sector passes in Max's hand you see her holding them vertically shot changes and they're horizontally.

*In the car Max puts the map down shot changes and you can see the map back up on the left lower corner.

*In the bar Max drinks milk, only the amount of milk in the glass keeps changing from a full cap to half, full again empty glass and so on several of times.

*When Max helps Logan back to the wheelchair her hand is under his hand, shot changes and it’s on his shoulder.

*When Logan takes his breakfast off the counter there is only strawberries and oatmeal (?) on the plait but by the time he gets to the table a magic spoon appears...

*When Max catches Sage she puts her hand on his arm, shot changes and it's on his shoulder.

*Max brakes the wood of the casket to see if there is something in the grave but the wood seems so cleanly sawn... not broken...

*When B.C. and the guys are talking and B.C. goes near the fire the guy with the wool cap puts his hand oh his mouth, shot changes and his hand is down.

*When Logan holds Herman when he's bleeding he's got one hand on his chest and the other on his shoulder, shot changes and his hand is now on Herman's back.

*When Sage opens the box in the car you can clearly see the gun in ON the blue bag, shot changes and sage picks up the bag and only then you can see the gun.

1.16 Shorties in Love
*When Max says 'I'm no mans woman' her hand is on the sofa, shot changes and her hand is on her leg.

*At Crash you can see Herbal with a bottle of beer walking over to the guy who plays pool with O.C., shot changes and he's sitting next to Sketchy with a Pizza (?) in his hand.

*At crash when O.C. is playing pool you can see Sketchy on the side sitting next to Max with his hands down, close up on them and he's eating something with his hand up.

*When Diamond says' I'm living strait' she's holding the pool stick in her left hand, shot changes and it's in the right hand.

*Right before Diamond says 'This your crew' O.C.'s holding the pool stick with one hand, shot changes - both hands.

*When Max tells O.C. and Diamond in the street to go O.C. is to Diamond's right but then when they start running she's to her left.

*When Max hands Logan the gun, he puts the weights away with his right hand and grabs the gun with his left, shot changes and his holding the gun in his right hand.

*When Max comes out of the shower she puts the water bottle with her right hand, close up and the mug is in her right hand...

*Max shoot a wire from the room she's in to another room, but when the bars come down the wire stays put. The bars have a horizontal bar on the bottom so that normally would have caused the wire to either rip or at least come down.

1.21 ...And Jesus Brought a Casserole
On the photo Renfro gives Sandoval in Meow (1.20), it says Lydecker has clearance for all security levels. But in this episode, an officer tells Lydecker, "Sir, you're not supposed to be here. This is a secure installation, level 5 clearance. I'll have to ask you and your men to vacate immediately."

If you find any more, feel free to add them to the list.
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Postby hedghehog » Wed 19. Sep 2007, 10:46

Damn someone was busy LOL
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Postby Laura » Wed 19. Sep 2007, 19:07

Thanks Sernity, these nitpicks are so cool!!

I would have never noticed them!!

Great thread :D

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Postby jondy09 » Fri 28. Sep 2007, 19:26

:lol: I love reading these! Thanks!
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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Fri 28. Sep 2007, 23:48

there are alot of these in DA, they keep using the same shots and sequences from other episodes, especiqally when Max is riding her bike (the same sequence from the first episode)

I found a Funny one (and stupid for the editors and props team at Dark Angel) 1.15 Haven -> look whats written under the cup :)
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Postby XquZ » Sat 29. Sep 2007, 00:09


i´d never seen this one :D

sorry 4 spam
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Postby rantanplan » Sat 29. Sep 2007, 01:20

lool great!!!

i will read all this when i have more time... .
i must sleep now ;).

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Postby Laura » Sat 29. Sep 2007, 12:23

Hahahaha that's so cool!!! :D
That's such a funny one!

They designed her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon, than she escaped. In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past. She cannot run, she must fight to discover her destiny.
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Re: Fan Resource

Postby kimiM » Thu 2. Sep 2010, 00:19

i love chasing nitpicks too! :mrgreen:

i think, those weren't mentioned...
101 you can see the mechanism that holds Lydia when she is falling

104 you can see a guy trying to hide on the right side!^^

there are a lot more, i'll try to compile them with pic like those, when i got the time! ;)
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