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Re: Jessica Alba (Max Guevara)

PostPosted: Sun 6. Mar 2011, 16:05
by Maxie
Nice Story Serenity :woho:

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PostPosted: Sat 12. Mar 2011, 11:46
by kimiM
yeah, that could be a nice story line!!^^

always dreamed of a Max and Logan having a child together! :love:

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PostPosted: Mon 15. Aug 2011, 23:24
by Saahm23
Jessica Alba welcomes second daughter

Jessica Alba gave birth to her second child, daughter Haven Garner Warren, on Saturday, the actress announced on her Facebook page.
Hi Everyone,

Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Cash and I are so excited to announce the birth of our daughter, Haven Garner Warren. She was born on Saturday, weighed 7lbs, and was 19 inches long. Healthy and happy! Big Sister Honor couldn’t be more excited about the new addition to our family.

Thank you for all of your support during my pregnancy. It means the world to me.

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PostPosted: Thu 1. Sep 2011, 15:05
by Laura
We are all so happy for her. This is good news :thumbup:

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PostPosted: Tue 20. Sep 2011, 18:59
by Saahm23
Jessica Alba's Banning Her Kids From Hollywood Until After College

Jessica Alba got her first big break in Hollywood when she was just a tender thirteen years old, starring in the Disney flick "Camp Nowhere." Her husband Cash Warren also works in the entertainment industry as a film producer. But the pregnant Alba absolutely does not want her daughter Honor Marie, 3, nor her future offspring, to follow her child star footsteps.

"I was a child actor and it worked for me, given the circumstances I was in, but I'm lucky enough to give my daughter and my second baby a completely different life and an education that I never had the opportunity to have," Alba told FOX411's Pop Tarts while promoting her forthcoming family film, "Spy Kids: 4D," which hits theaters August 19. "When they're done with college, if they want to get into the arts, that's fine. I think you will be a better artist the more life experience you have, but I wouldn't encourage them to work in this type of environment as children."

Alba said part of the appeal in getting onboard Robert Rodriguez's "Spy Kids" franchise was being able to make a film that she could actually allow her daughter to watch.
"I was definitely excited [about doing] a movie that my daughter can see, for sure. That definitely inspired me to do this movie in particular," she continued. "But it's not like I only want to do family and kids movies from now on. It's just nice to have one that my daughter can watch."

Alba's character Marissa attempts to balance her roles as a secret service agent and a stepmom, but so far, in real life, the work/life balance hasn’t been Alba’s forte.

“It’s hard. On the weekends is when my husband and I make a concerted effort to just not email or text, but really spend our time with our daughter and be completely, 100 percent focused on her," Alba said. "During the week, it’s here and there, depending on if I am busy with meetings or not. It’s a little bit different now, because she’s in school. It is tough, because I do care about my career. I do have that, but she’s my number one priority. If she’s not doing okay, nothing matters.”

And as she awaits baby number two, Alba is feeling a little more accustomed to her ballooning belly and the ins and outs of pregnancy.

“It’s not as scary or daunting. It’s definitely less uncomfortable,” Alba said. “There’s nothing bizarre about what I crave. It’s watermelon, really. I could have watermelon at any moment.”

And as she expands her family, Alba is also focused on expanding her empire.

"I'm working on developing a TV show and a movie idea. I'm also working on a baby brand," Alba revealed. "I'm used to working on sets almost 12 months out of the year; I did that for 10 years. Now that I have free time, I'm expanding into different areas."

There is however still one on-screen childhood dream Alba has yet to fulfill.

"I lived in my head a lot as a kid, which is probably why I wanted to be an actor. I was sick a lot, in the hospital by myself," she added. "I spent a lot of time wanting to be Superman. That was one of my obsessions."

A female Superman? That one may take a few more meetings.


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PostPosted: Tue 20. Sep 2011, 19:25
by Saahm23
Jessica won a 2011 ALMA Award

A big congratulations to Jessica for winning the award for Favorite Movie Actress – Drama/Adventure for her role as Sartana in Machete :thumbup: The ALMA Awards was held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, CA.

Image Image Image

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PostPosted: Tue 4. Dec 2012, 19:38
by Saahm23
Jessica Alba's upcomming Movies

So lets again move forward this section :) The movie Machete Kills is at the moment in the "postproduction" and will come out in the next year. Iam pretty excited for it because i already loved the first one^^

The sequel of Sin City, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, is right now filming and will be out end of 2013.

Also she's playing in a movie called A.C.O.D..

So in the next year we can see here alot in the cinemas :mrgreen:

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PostPosted: Wed 12. Dec 2012, 22:41
by kimiM
You're right saahm, let's move the threads! :wink:

Jessica Alba's preparing great movies for next year!
I'm more excited to see the Sin City's sequel, if i'm correct the first one was in 2005 and for many years people were waiting for the second movie but until last year it was only rumors.. now it's finally done!^^

I also saw the 'Escape from Planet Earth' project but it says 'voice'.. I guess it's an animation movie..

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PostPosted: Sun 28. Apr 2013, 16:32
by kimiM
Happy Birthday to Jessica!


Jessica Alba is turning 32 today!

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PostPosted: Wed 1. May 2013, 12:04
by Petscho
Sorry , that i has come to Late , but i has made me a picture about Jessica . ... /Jessi.jpg

Happy Birthday Jessica

Re: Jessica Alba (Max Guevara)

PostPosted: Wed 1. May 2013, 12:05
by Petscho
Sorry , that i has come to Late , but i has made me a picture about Jessica . ... /Jessi.jpg ... lpaper.jpg

Happy Birthday Jessica

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PostPosted: Tue 24. Sep 2013, 21:02
by Serenity
Jessica tells Health Magazine she had body image issues but doesn't anymore: