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Jessica Alba (Max Guevara)

PostPosted: Wed 6. Aug 2008, 14:56
by Saahm23
A Biografie from Jessica Alba is at the moment only available in german *click*

Otherwise, news and more will be in the future posted here. If you would like to talk about a specific issue about Jessica please open (if not yet available) for this an extra thread

Jessica Alba Bans Daughter From Acting

PostPosted: Wed 6. Aug 2008, 16:37
by Saahm23
Jessica Alba Bans Daughter From Acting

Don't add baby Honor to the long list of child actors--yet. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are banning their daughter from acting, at least until she's done with school.

Alba says, "When she finishes college, she can do whatever she wants." She added, "I think at some point all little kids express that desire, because they're so used to being treated like a star."


PostPosted: Wed 6. Aug 2008, 16:38
by Saahm23
Jessica won some days ago a Teen Choice Award for her role in The Eye in the category
Choice Movie Actress Horror/Thriller.

PostPosted: Thu 7. Aug 2008, 16:09
by Saahm23
The DVD to Jessica's movie "Meet Bill" will be on DVD August 12,2008!

Trailer: click here

PostPosted: Sat 9. Aug 2008, 00:16
by gtf_dean_fenech
i'm going to get this one soon. hope its good.

PostPosted: Wed 13. Aug 2008, 10:06
by Saahm23
Jessica on her MySpace:

Hey everyone!

I wanted to write a quick note to see how everyone is doing. It's been a while since I checked in but know that I read your messages and really appreciate them...well most of them. Everyone in the family is doing great.

I don't know about you all but Cash and I have been glued to the Olympics. How amazing was the opening ceremony?!? I still don't know how they coordinated 2008 people to move in perfect sync. The mens 400M relay was insane. We were down by almost a half body length going into the final turn and then next thing you knew it was closer, closer, closer until we touched the wall first! Cash and I went crazy. The shot of Michael Phelps after the race ended cheering with his teammates is so memorable. The last time I got this excited watching sports was when Baron was in the NBA playoffs. Next year we get to watch him in Los Angeles. Go Clippers!! ;)

I will be back next week to talk about going to the Alma's.

Take care,

PostPosted: Wed 13. Aug 2008, 12:33
by 331845739494
Haha, that's so awesome. Hah. Did anyone tell *her* that they jibbed us in the opening ceremony? lol.

PostPosted: Wed 13. Aug 2008, 20:35
by Saahm23
'Keep Your Man on His Toes!'

New mom Jessica Alba says the secret to a successful marriage is to keep your man on his toes.

The 'Sin City' actress -- who married partner Cash Warren in a secret ceremony on May 19 -- says the most stable relationships are the ones where the woman is feisty and strong-minded.

She reveals, "Some men don't like their women to speak up, some like their women to wait on them hand and foot and put the dinner on the table, be submissive and never talk.

"But then there are men who want feisty, crazy women who are going to tell them how they feel every day and keep them on their toes. Most people just marry the wrong person and when you don't marry the right person how can you possibly expect to be together forever?"


Source: Showbizspy

PostPosted: Mon 18. Aug 2008, 20:57
by Saahm23

New mother JESSICA ALBA is keen to extend her family - just months after giving birth to her first child HONOR MARIE.
The Sin City star and husband Cash Warren welcomed their daughter in Los Angeles in June (2008).
But the couple are keen to add to their brood - and are even considering adopting.
She says, "I'd like to have as many children as my body will allow - and I'd adopt if I still want more after that."


PostPosted: Mon 18. Aug 2008, 22:02
by rantanplan
lol there will be a very big familly!! :).

and when she'll training for do our movie ?


PostPosted: Mon 18. Aug 2008, 22:03
by gtf_dean_fenech
and when she'll training for do our movie ?


PostPosted: Tue 19. Aug 2008, 21:12
by Saahm23
Jessica Alba Mouths Off

Add Jessica Alba to the list of celebs urging young people to vote this election season.

The starlet will appear in Declare Yourself's new "Only You Can Silence Yourself" PSA campaign, in which celebs and real people are shown crying and with their mouths forced shut.

In 2004, the campaign was launched with a photo of Christina Aguilera in which her lips appeared tied together with leather string, while screws and bolts were used on Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett.

"Only you can silence yourself," reads the tagline for the campaign. "Make them hear you. Register to vote now."

Alba was photographed on Friday in Los Angeles by celebrity lenser Mark Liddell. It is still being decided how her mouth will be manipulated shut for the campaign, according to a rep for Declare Yourself.

Alba's ads will appear in magazines in the fall.


PostPosted: Wed 20. Aug 2008, 00:30
by Saahm23
Jessica Alba's Secret for Losing the Baby Weight!

Just two months after giving birth to daughter Honor Marie, Jessica Alba is 25 lbs. lighter – and her trainer is telling PEOPLE just how she did it.

“Jessica went from a size 8 to a size 4 pretty quickly,” says Alba's longtime trainer Ramona Braganza. The actress – who flaunted her post-baby body at the ALMA Awards on Aug. 17 – has been opting for a low-fat, low-carb diet as part of Braganza's 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone plan.

She has been sweating, too: With an elliptical machine and treadmill at home, Alba, 27, has resumed her routine of core exercises, cardio and circuit training.

"The baby always comes first, but Jessica definitely set goals for herself,” says Braganza, who now trains Alba six days a week.

And having a workout buddy helped. “She loves working out with a girlfriend,” says Braganza, whose client, actress Jamie King, frequently trains with Alba.

Says Braganza: “Jessica has made amazing progress in a very short time.”


Image :rumble:

PostPosted: Sun 31. Aug 2008, 13:04
by Saahm23
Jessica on the Democratic National Convention


From all accounts, the final night of the Democratic National Convention felt more like a concert than a stuffy political event. And with gals like Jessica Alba and Fergie in the crowd, it’s easy to see why.
The “Good Luck Chuck” mommy and the “Big Girls Don’t Cry” songstress looked to be enjoying themselves on the historical evening that included the first African American man nominated to Presidential Candidacy.

Several times throughout the evening, both Jess and Fergie got excited about their choice for America’s next President, cheering loudly and waving their arms in support.


PostPosted: Thu 4. Sep 2008, 22:13
by Saahm23
Jessica's 1st Family Trip: The Democratic Convention


My first IBY blog…but believe it or not this is my fourth attempt. The previous three all included ImHungry and a video camera and understandably we both felt we had done enough embarrassing vids that we shouldn’t have to subject ourselves to poor vlogging. Leave the vlogging up to those that do it really well. Who knows though we may give it another go in the near future.

So this past week I attended the Democratic National Convention in Denver with my wife and daughter and feel compelled to write about it. This was our first trip as a family. As always, we arrived at the airport way to close to our departure time so it was hectic. After cussing out the two lame photogs that were waiting at the airport for Jay_eh we made our way through security and boarded our flight. It’s always nerve-racking for new parents to fly with their child because you never know if you’re going to ruin everyone else’s flight with a screaming baby. (To date, Honor has been a great baby. Rarely crying. Opting to express herself through simple Haiku’s or interpretive dance instead…yeah right. My girl’s got opinions. lol). We sit down and cross our fingers that she will sleep. She does J. Nothing really exciting happened on the flight except the energy of what was to come was already palpable. We landed in Denver and headed to the hotel to change so we could go watch Bill Clinton speak.

Seeing Clinton speak in person was like seeing a HOF athlete return to their sport. The room was electric. He received a 10min standing ovation and then calmly delivered an endorsement for Obama as only Clinton could do. I think the most effective part of his speech was when he compared BO to himself as youngster from Arkansas who everyone thought was too young and inexperienced to run the country. It seems like we are always getting distracted in politics from the real issues. Experience doesn’t mean anything if it’s not the right experience and no experience is paralleled to running the country. I think the best leaders are those that surround themselves with smarter people than themselves and understand how to properly delegate. My top 5 issues this election are about: the US economy, US educational system, US global relevance, Iraq War, and the environment.

After Clinton’s speech we went to a Voto Latino event to help raise awareness about the importance of voter registration. Registering to vote takes five minutes out of your day and is the first step to being active. So many people like to complain about what’s broken but don’t like to take the necessary steps to help fix it. If you haven’t registered and need a place to do so check out these links:

The next day Barack Obama made me remember why I love being part of the world in this day and age. I’m sure some candidates of the past have been amazing to watch, but Barack held a crowd of 80,000 captive and evoked emotions ranging from crying to laughing in 30 minutes. I have pictures to prove it. Barack has this uncanny ability to speak to a room of 80,000 but yet you feel he is speaking directly to you. I have been to Superbowls, NBA Championships, Academy Awards, etc but none of them compare to what it was like sitting inside of Invesco Field that day. I will remember this day for the rest of my life.

No matter who you vote for, the important thing is to do your research and go out and vote. This is one of our precious rights and we should all take advantage of this and voice our opinions. So please do check out the links and get out and vote. Like I mentioned earlier, it only takes a few minutes!