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Why didnt wrote your real birthday.Its no big deal.
by hedghehog
Thu 17. May 2007, 23:33
Forum: Happy Birthday! The Birthday Thread
Topic: Happy Birthday and a great Barcodeday to rantanplan (26)
Replies: 18
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8 to 24

i recived a ivitation to go to LA,so i have been thinking.Why does Kobe Bryant have number 24 when he used to have number 8.I know why did Michael jordan have number 45 before 23,but i need help for bryant.PLZ help :oops: Big kiss for the one who helps me
by hedghehog
Thu 17. May 2007, 22:46
Forum: Offtopic
Topic: 8 to 24
Replies: 1
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sory its terminator :)
by hedghehog
Thu 17. May 2007, 19:40
Forum: Offtopic
Topic: paranoia
Replies: 9
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In all wars(wars that can be stoped) inocent are the ones who get hurt.Their death didnt help islam or anybody it just left their familys without the loved ones :cry: :cry:
by hedghehog
Wed 16. May 2007, 19:33
Forum: Offtopic
Topic: 11th of September
Replies: 30
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The new guy

Just wish to introduce myself and say hi to everybody,wish you all good health and joy,and to your family because family is everything(besides mony).Love your family and friends happy.Well that is all from me(for now) :P
by hedghehog
Wed 16. May 2007, 19:15
Forum: Introduce yourself / User stellen sich vor
Topic: The new guy
Replies: 21
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