Barcodeday Spain

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Barcodeday Spain

Postby *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo* » Thu 17. May 2007, 20:49

hey!!! how are you peoplee?? jeje I'm going to post the photos from the Spanish BCD last thursday in Valencia, my city :wink:
we arrived to the center at 11:30, and we started to hang the flyers in the train station, in the bulls place... and people were curious!! a cuople of men asked to us what was the BCD, and we were glad to answer :wink:
we hang almost 200 flyers in Valencia, and our town, Aldaia. I guess that a lot of people looked it on the internet :wink:
tomorrow I'll do the video, I'm so tired today^^ sorry :oops:

you can see a boat in that pic^^ well, you know that this year is the america's cup in valencia jeje
in the front of the Foster Hollywood...

later I'll keep uploading pics^^ enjoy this!! :wink:
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Postby Saahm23 » Thu 17. May 2007, 21:21

Angel let me say thank you so much. You and your friends did a amazing job :D And you didn't forget to take pics like me :oops: Thxs Thxs
I will do a part on my Site where i put all Pics from the BCD. :mrgreen:
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Postby numa » Thu 17. May 2007, 22:43

Thanks for a job and for pictures ;)
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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Thu 17. May 2007, 23:33

nice pics everyone. great job Spain
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Postby rantanplan » Fri 18. May 2007, 00:40

angel, you're a killer! lol.

it's really formidable... .
really great work!! congratulations... .

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Postby Max Guevara\X5 452 » Fri 18. May 2007, 03:18

nice pics *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo*,you did a real good job :wink:
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Postby Laura » Fri 18. May 2007, 18:09

Hola chica!!! :D

Thaaaaank you very much to you and your friends!!
You did an awesome job ;)

Muchísimas gracias!

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Postby ImY » Fri 8. Jun 2007, 04:01

wow looks like you did an awsome job!
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Postby Bellerophon » Sun 10. Jun 2007, 03:50

Very Nice Thing

Good job ;)
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