Collaborator wanted: Dark Angel vs Terminator fanfic

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Collaborator wanted: Dark Angel vs Terminator fanfic

Postby darkjak » Fri 6. Aug 2010, 18:57

As you might know, I've attempted to create a Dark Angel vs Terminator movie before.

So now I've decided to take another swing at it. This time, however, I only want it to be a plain text fanfic. The idea is quite simply to connect the Terminator universe to the DA universe.

Basic plot idea:
The fanfic takes place directly after the last episodes of Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dark Angel. John Connor has just been sent to the future on a quest to get Camerons chip back. When John succeeds in this goal he and Cameron attempt to travel back in time. But rather than ending up in 2009, they get sent to 2023.
John finds out that the resistance had succeded in postponing the war by sending a few agents back in to the past with one goal: to build an EMP device capable of destroying all research on Skynet and Terminators. This alteration of history has not stopped Skynet, but postponed it enough to give the Resistance an edge: transgenics.

So, who's interrested?
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Re: Collaborator wanted: Dark Angel vs Terminator fanfic

Postby hedghehog » Sun 22. Aug 2010, 17:51

i like the idea of uniting of of my 2 favorite sagas,but killing John Connor WOW :nonono:
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