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Postby *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo* » Thu 9. Dec 2010, 15:07


I'm just wondering if anyone of you know a webpage or something where I can find some avatars of DA. I had a web where I used to look for, but now is deleted and I can't find new ones :sad:

can you help me? I want to change my avatar ^^
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Re: avatars

Postby SAM 453 » Thu 9. Dec 2010, 16:00


look here http://www.max-x5452.com , go in the Photo Galery :ok:
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Re: avatars

Postby kimiM » Fri 10. Dec 2010, 17:39


here's a page full of DA avatar:

those were made by many different fans... hope I'll you find one that you like! :wink:
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Re: avatars

Postby Maxie » Sun 23. Jan 2011, 17:41

:ok: now we have a Avatar Gallery in the Forum. ^^

When you not have a avatar look in the Gallery found when you go to your Profil and then you click Gallery.

Wir haben nun eine Avatar Gallery im Forum.

Wenn ihr keinen avatar habt könnt ihr euch da einen aussuchen. Ihr findet die Gallery im Profil und dann
auf Gallery clicken.
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