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A thought

PostPosted: Sun 15. Aug 2010, 20:19
by darkjak
I've been gone from the page for quite some time, and when I came back I was actually quite surprised that the board had nearly died. When I was here before, I was surprised that the page was so active despite only being about a single canned show. I believe that it could be possible to revive this forum with a few quite simple steps.

The first thought is that there are too many different language-specific sections. By reducing the ammount of languages, more people would enter the english section. And because more people would enter the english sections, there would be more written, and there would be more for people to respond to. In a single step, you've created an upwards going spiral of activity.

Personally, I'd remove all sections except for the english one, as that would squeeze up the activity a lot. But because there are so many Germans here, maybe that language could remain.

Re: A thought

PostPosted: Thu 19. Aug 2010, 19:46
by Serenity
While I agree the forum has been slow these days, removing the other language-specific areas isn't the answer. Even though Dark Angel was produced to be a U.S. TV show, it has fans in other countries. This forum is named the Dark Angel Network, as in a worlwide network of DA fans. Since not all fans speak English or know enough to have lengthy conversations in English, it only makes sense that a forum for fans across the globe would have language-specific areas so ALL fans feel welcome and can interact wih fellow fans.

"group: :group2:

Re: A thought

PostPosted: Wed 25. Aug 2010, 16:07
by kimiM
I may be not well placed to give my opinion because I just arrived^^ but, I think that serenity is right. Delete the language-specific sections may not be the right solution... I know a lot of French fans who doesn't know how to speak English for example... And even if the majority are English or German, there are tonnes of other fans in the world. That's why, I believe that the DAN having different languages areas is really a good thing! I understand the fact that we should regroup but it's exactly what the network is trying to do! Regroup EVERY fan in the world!
while, we talk about it, I really thank those who came with the idea of creating the network! :rocks:

Re: A thought

PostPosted: Thu 26. Aug 2010, 11:46
by Saahm23
At first let me say that i understand what darkjak means, a while ago i was thinkin about this too but at the end i came to the result to let the other languages there. The reason for that is perfectly described in Serenity's post.
There are also many other reasons that the forum is not more so much active since a while, some of them concerned myself ^^
Namely that i had less time to work on this DA forum and my website. My privat time is really rare, but i think thats life :lol: people getting older and privat situations are changing.
Now i kicked myself to spend more time again in the future on this all just because i love it.

Re: A thought

PostPosted: Mon 13. Sep 2010, 15:20
by Allison Lightning
I'm Australian, English speaking and I think that there should be multiple languages other than the most used. DA fans like all fans come in many different languages and it's not fair for a site to restrict languages like that. The DAN has a great system.

I know what you mean Saahm, about less time for Dark Angel and little things like mantaining websites, I've been writing a novel and it consumed so much time and everything that I couldn't do anything DA related and then there's all the real life things that show up. I still love Dark Angel :nation: and being a part of so many DA communities but I find I have less time to devote to it. Sad. :(