Hey there!

Let us know who you are and where are you from / Hier könnt ihr euch vorstellen und uns was über euch erzählen

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Hey there!

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Hey guys!

My name is Benny, I am 24 and I am from Bochum, Germany.
The last time I saw Dark Angel was about four or five years ago. Since last sunday. I met my girlfriend and she told me that in a Saturn Market they sold the two seasons of Dark Angel. The next day I bought the DVDs.
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Re: Hey there!

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Welcome to the Dark Angel United board, Benny!!! I am glad you are getting back into Dark Angel- the more fans the merrier :group: .
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Re: Hey there!

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Yeah!!! Welcome among us Benny!
Hope you'll like the forum :wink:

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Re: Hey there!

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Welcome to the family
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Re: Hey there!

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:welcome: from me too ^^ :group:
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Hey there

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Hey KIZ. Welcome to the forums/community.

Hope you pop by mIRC at times for a chat too.