Gday from Aus

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Gday from Aus

Postby a_chalmers » Mon 8. Feb 2010, 07:29

Hi, my names alex. I just recently found dark angel when i was bored looking for something to watch during the holidays. i cant believe how good it was. i was completely captivated, watching nonstop both seasons. but i guess like you all, i was a little disappointed that there would be no more episodes. I have read that there are books written by Max Allan Collins titled;
Dark Angel: Before the Dawn (2002) which is the prequel
Dark Angel: Skin Game (2003) which follows on from freak nation episode
Dark Angel: After the Dark (2003) is following that
and some investigations by Eyes Only called Dark Angel: The Eyes Only Dossier (2003)
However, this is just not good enough for me. Sure i may read these books but i just want to watch more.
Is there any chance of reviving this series? I mean with Jess Alba and Michael Weatherly ending their engagement and Jess Alba having a new husband and kid... would they even work together?
Im just hoping... what can we do to get fox to broadcast it again?
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Re: Gday from Aus

Postby Laura » Mon 8. Feb 2010, 23:56

Welcome Alex!!!

I hope you'll like the forum. I guess we're all sad because there are only two DA seasons... That's why we protest during Barcode Day. So, join us too :wink:

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Re: Gday from Aus

Postby Serenity » Tue 9. Feb 2010, 00:33

Welcome to the family.
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Re: Gday from Aus

Postby Allison Lightning » Tue 9. Feb 2010, 01:15

Welcome Alex- it's great to see another Australian. :group2:
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Re: Gday from Aus

Postby SAM 453 » Tue 9. Feb 2010, 05:58

:nation: WEllcome to family :fox:
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Re: Gday from Aus

Postby tim1990 » Thu 11. Feb 2010, 18:42

:group2: warm welcome in the network
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Re: Gday from Aus

Postby Tess@ » Thu 25. Feb 2010, 22:41

a_chalmers, welcome to the family :group:
I agree with you, books are not good enough for True fans of the show(( and we want more and more :nation:
And I hope, there will be a chance for reviving, I still believe in it
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