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New Guy

Postby Jay » Wed 18. Feb 2009, 22:22

Well where do I start. I'm new to Dark Angel saw the episode "Heat" on E4 late at night, was really impressed got my hands on both seasons and watched them after work looked foward to leaving even more than usual :P took about 2 weeks to finnish them all, I didn't pace my self wish I had now :ooops:

Loved season 1 no issues with that, Didn't agree with season 2's story arc straight away since I liked the idea of Manticore being this dark thing in max's past. with only a few battle groups maybe. Not the 100's of soldiers and "freaks" shown in season 2. However I still really enjoyed every bit and was soon won over.

Found out it was cancelled half way though watching season 2(go wiki) was pretty disappointed. Until however I saw "Freak Nation" when the credits rolled I was crushed ! We had the gas turned off just as things were coming to the boil !

Since I'm new to Dark Angel the wounds are still fresh so here I am venting my frustration on the internet to you seasoned vets with fading scars.

Any way if you managed to read all that have a beer on me. Oh yeah and I have a few questions but don't really know where to post, so let me know if you read this far !!

thanks !
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Postby Saahm23 » Wed 18. Feb 2009, 22:50

Welcome on Board Jay :D nice to see you. And let me say, your story sound like nearly all storys of the members here ^^ We know exactly what you mean :prost:

So look around, feel free to read past posts to be informed and when you have questions (like you mentioned), don't hold it off :wink: iam happy to help when i can.
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Postby Jay » Wed 18. Feb 2009, 23:08

Yeah I've been having a read about some real dedicated fans its great.

but what I was wondering, maybe you could direct me to the appropriate threads.

How popular is the whole bring back DA scene, Its been a long time. Have there been any statements from FOX about this since the series finished?

Any way I have been reading though the day of the pulse thread signed the petition and will spread it around as many new DA fans I can create :P 2500+ signatures doesn't seem like a lot too me.


Thanks for the warm welcome Saahm!
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Postby Allison Lightning » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 00:22

They are newer petitions- there's one floarting around with over 30 thousand signatures.
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Postby Serenity » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 03:35

Welcome to the Family
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Postby Laura » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 16:33

Welcome Jay!
Hope you'll like it here ;)

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Postby tim1990 » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 17:13

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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 18:13

hey Jay. This site is very active abd we've still strong in the struggle. There are past and present petitions plus we do do activties called the barcode day. Read what happened in past protests like
The Barcode day. You should remeber that most of the organizers are europeans so we can't actually go to the USA. So its difficult for us to controll rallys and stuff over there without the initiative of the Americans.

FOX hasn't said anything about DA but Jessica Alba has. ... hlight=eye

So search the forum, read and see what you like and comment on them yourself. Hope to hear from you soon.
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Postby Jana X5-169 » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 20:14

Hi Jay!

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Postby Jay » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 21:00

Thanks for the info, I'm from the UK my self, would find it really hard to make FOX pay attention from over here, I dunno I get the feeling you would need a few hundred thousand to sign the petition for FOX to even look its way.

Its a shame, reality TV gets so much coverage and unlimited seasons, when its just pure garbage, DA is being shown late on a sunday night i think it is here. But I'm pretty sure it will be swapped with the next big brother when you just get to watch your average joes sleeping

Can't beat a bit of fiction and some real actors as opposed to your fame crazy wannabes.

But thats just me trolling old ground, you guys have been over it a few times I'm betting :nation:
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Postby *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo* » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 22:56

Hi Jay!!

nice to meet you, and welcome yo our big family ^^

yes, I've been out a looooong time, but I decided to come again, I missed my network family :P

just these, hope to see you there Jay
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Postby Max Guevara\X5 452 » Fri 20. Feb 2009, 08:04

Welcome on board Jay :D
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Postby rantanplan » Tue 15. Sep 2009, 13:21

hello jay!!

sorry to be so late, i was absent for a very long time!

so i hope you have fun now, here, and you'll stay for a long time! (and come often, not like me :) ).

have fun!!

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