Hi Guys!

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Hi Guys!

Postby tricks&treats » Sat 21. Mar 2009, 17:04

Hi there. I'm Paul and I am new to this forum. I have been a fan of DA since it was first aired in the UK over 9 years ago. As a graphic and web designer I stumbled across a lot of fan art on Deviantart that inspired me to do some DA related pieces. I also have a barcode of my DOB on the back of my neck which is my fave tattoo and always makes a good conversation piece in Science Fiction and comic shops.

Thanks to Dean for the link to here :D

Here are some of my latest DA pieces


Jam Pony Messengers

Designate this

Guardian Angel



And my Tattoo

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Postby Jay » Sat 21. Mar 2009, 18:03

Welcome nice to see another brit :mrgreen: though was dark angel around 9 years ago? heh

any ways awesome pic's !

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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Sat 21. Mar 2009, 20:25

oh, here you are, i was wondering when you would arrive. welcoe, read past topics and catch up :)
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Postby Max Guevara\X5 452 » Sun 22. Mar 2009, 08:42

Nice to meet you tricks&treats and welcome on board to DA Network.very nice works there,I like the Designate this one the most :wink:
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Postby Jana X5-169 » Sun 22. Mar 2009, 19:42

Hi Paul,

welcome on board and have fun :thumbup:
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Postby Serenity » Sun 22. Mar 2009, 21:18

[align=center]Welcome to the family

And nice artwork :yesss:
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Postby Laura » Sun 22. Mar 2009, 22:05

Welcome Paul!
Hope you'll like this forum.
I love your DA pieces. Great job ;)

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Postby rantanplan » Tue 15. Sep 2009, 14:30

i'm impresive!!

they look like photo, not draw! logan for example, look real!

i think you'll have a good contact with dean, he's drawer too :).

and welcome here!! with some months late :).

thanks for share your work!

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