X5-454 introduces herself

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X5-454 introduces herself

Postby X5454 » Sat 28. Mar 2009, 19:04

Hey everybody,
I like to introduce myself as X5-454 but mostly i'm called Anna ;)
I'm from Germany, currently living in Düsseldorf for my study.
I don't know exactly if this is an English side, so, i'll just write in English, should be a decent training for me, though i like English more than German.
Well, i've started watching DA only three weeks ago, to be honest. Sure, i've watched it on tv sometimes, but i have never seen all episodes before. So i had to catch up, well, i only needed 3 days.^^ Kinda pathetic, i know, but i'm a weird person, so, it fits in.
As it's impossible to get the German DA-Books without spending a little fortune, i've just ordered them in English. I've watched alle episodes in English, so i think, i'll be fine with that. Can't wait to lay my hands on them :)
About me: I'm 24 years old, spending my time with deejaying, horseback riding, bicycling, sleeping, reading, playing the guitar (just got started) and the piano, Wow and sometimes, when i'm not doing anything from the things i've mentioned before, i actually attend my lectures.^^
Let's see... i'm really into DA, especially into the relationship between Max and Logan. Currently, i'm working on different arts, wallpapers and icons regarding this topic and the whole theme. And, certainly, i really hope, that Cameron comes up with a new season or even a movie, 'cause i'm not entirely sure, that only the books are going to satisfy my addiction ;)
So, enough about me, i guess...
Out. :)
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Postby Luno » Sat 28. Mar 2009, 19:25

haha welcome anna!

this is fun , i once made a fan video of dark angel with the name X5-454 lol
hope you have fun here !
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Postby Jay » Sat 28. Mar 2009, 20:35

Welcome to the dark angel network, have a look around there are some interesting topics and feel free to post in them all :nation:
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Postby Serenity » Sat 28. Mar 2009, 23:13

[align=center]Welcome to the family
:group: [/align]
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Postby Saahm23 » Sat 28. Mar 2009, 23:44

Welcome on Board X5454 :winke: i hope you'll like it here.
Well i would say the most of us watched the Dark Angel DVD's in few days ^^ :P I't like a drug when you started you can't finish and than after the last episode you want MORE :|

So when you have any problems or questions just ask :wink:
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Postby tim1990 » Sun 29. Mar 2009, 13:32

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Postby hedghehog » Sun 29. Mar 2009, 14:42

Wow you got a lot of side activities pretty cool.Oh and i like that you only go to lecture when you find some time thats a real student :löl: welcome :nation: (DJ bring the beat back :D)
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Postby Allison Lightning » Mon 30. Mar 2009, 05:56

Welcome to the board. Dark Angel is so addicting and with only two seasons- you feel at the end like there's still a huge hole that can't be filled.

Stupid :fox: ( my fave emoticon) The books besides not actually being the end ( not canon, not official) are pretty bad... so I desperately want that movie- and a new season well that would be my next ten birthdays all rolled into one.

When it comes to fan projects mine is fanfiction, and DA rpgs... I use my abilities as a writer to keep DA alive. Hell knows I can bring any conversation back to it.

So welcome and never give in. :nation: cause we can either let FOX sweep DA and ourselves away like garbage- or we can stand up and fight. Because :fox: needs to realize. We aint going anywhere.

Ranting aside I love DA and love working out the character of Logan Cale- though with 'Damaged'- see signature... I sure do push the character to his limits. Logan rocks and so does Max/Logan.
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Postby Laura » Mon 30. Mar 2009, 18:27

Welcome Anna!
Hope you'll like it here ;)

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Postby Max Guevara\X5 452 » Wed 1. Apr 2009, 08:06

glad to meet you X5454 and welcome on board :group2:
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Postby rantanplan » Tue 15. Sep 2009, 14:59

welcome here!!

even i come a little too late :).

like some have already tell you, we are all DA-addicts, here, so you'll be at the good place for you :).

have fun, and see you!

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Re: X5-454 introduces herself

Postby MaxGuevara » Sat 31. Oct 2009, 10:50

Welcome to the group. I'm Max :D
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Re: X5-454 introduces herself

Postby johnfernandez » Thu 12. Nov 2009, 06:35

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Re: X5-454 introduces herself

Postby Maxie » Thu 3. Feb 2011, 15:46

:welcome: sorry i know iam to late ;)

Peace Maxie
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