Hi Everybody:)

Let us know who you are and where are you from / Hier könnt ihr euch vorstellen und uns was über euch erzählen

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Hi Everybody:)

Postby Shwuigy » Fri 15. May 2009, 19:51


I am 18 years old, live in Toronto Canada, and a big dark angel fan. I was really upset by the fact that dark angel was discontinued and am excited to talk to people who feel the same way. I want to get involved and really try and bring it back. If anybody could tell me anythign I can do I woudl not hesitate. Thanks, and hope to meet you soon!
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Postby tim1990 » Fri 15. May 2009, 20:00

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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Fri 15. May 2009, 22:43

hey, welcome, we're all in the struggle. Just read past topics. see what we've done so far and what you think you could do, comment where you want. can't wait to hear from you.
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Postby Laura » Sat 16. May 2009, 23:14

Welcome among us :D
Hope you'll like it here ;)

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Postby Saahm23 » Tue 19. May 2009, 22:30

Warm welcome on board Shwuigy :winke:
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Postby Jana X5-169 » Thu 21. May 2009, 21:28

have fun :thumbup:
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Postby Serenity » Thu 21. May 2009, 22:32

[align=center]Welcome to the family
:group: [/align]
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Postby Shwuigy » Fri 22. May 2009, 01:33

thanks guys!
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Postby rantanplan » Tue 15. Sep 2009, 19:46

welcome here!!

we are like you, wishing a continuation to DA... .

If you want help, you can participate to some project, like the BCD each year, by advertising... . And some ponctuated project, like the cartoon, that is our "main" project, for now, i think... .

see you!!

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