You know you're obsessed with DA when...

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Re: You know you're obsessed with DA when...

Postby Andie Dark » Thu 17. Sep 2009, 04:00

jondy09 wrote:20. every time you see the numbers 452, 494, 210, 493, 734 you think Max, Alec, Jondy, Ben, Brin

Just the 452 has that effect on me. When I received my school account, saw the password and it contains 452. I think about Max everytime I log in.
Sometimes it seems like it happened to someone else. Like maybe it was a story I heard.
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Postby Allison Lightning » Tue 22. Sep 2009, 12:55

You know you're obsessed with Dark Angel when you buy figurines off Ebay, save the pictures and drool at them till action figures arrive and then proceed to stare at it for hours on end.

And when you have tried to brush your teeth with baking soda and peppermint oil.
" When you think you see me I'm not there because you left me behind"

An alternate ending for AJBAC, all because of one thing, Logan is captured by Manticore while Max got away. Inside of Manticore, struggling to hold onto his sanity, his identity, Logan has nowhere to hide. Will he survive to escape, or will Lydecker destroy him first?
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