Happy Birthday to *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo* [18]

All birthday greetings post here. / Alles Geburtstagsgrüße hier posten.

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Happy Birthday to *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo* [18]

Postby Saahm23 » Wed 2. Apr 2008, 21:49

[align=center]Wow you get it ^^ 18 years. So a Happy Happy B-Day for you AnGeL_NoCtUrNo :prost:
I hope you will have a nice party at the weekend and tons of presents :laugh:

:flower: [/align]
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Postby gtf_dean_fenech » Wed 2. Apr 2008, 21:55

hey happy birth day... you're old enought to what ever you want... well legally anyway.
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Postby *AnGeL_NoCtUrNo* » Wed 2. Apr 2008, 23:08

woooooow thank you soooo much ^^

I'm really sorry - I can't enter in the forum as before, but I'm on the line for everything you want, and I hope that this summer I finish all my exams, and back to the forum and the battle hahaha

thanks again ^^
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Postby hedghehog » Thu 3. Apr 2008, 09:31

yeah its dear Angels B-day :suprise: dont worry finish your exams we will be here for you 2 :nation: :group2:
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Postby Laura » Fri 4. Apr 2008, 07:43

:balons: :suprise:

¡Qué cumplas mucho más!

Sorry I'm lil' late...
Finally you're entering the adults' world!!
That means you can buy alcohol and get a car :lol: :P

¡Me caes bien!

:happybday: :wishes2: :happybday2: :bday:

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Postby Saahm23 » Fri 4. Apr 2008, 21:56

Laura wrote:That means you can buy alcohol and get a car :lol: :P

But don't do this together 8)
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Postby Serenity » Sat 5. Apr 2008, 17:24

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had some fun and your special day was memorable.

:suprise: :bday: :flower:

:balons: :party: *bottle*

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Postby rantanplan » Sun 6. Apr 2008, 10:18

in late me ? neveerrr. :-).

so a happy birthday to you, angel', hope that your 18 years old have been memorable... .
wish you a lot of presents, and you course, you know what i wish always, for a DAN member's present, in the current year of his birthday. :d:d:d:d.

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