The great debate: season one VS. season two.

Here you can talk about the Dark Angel Episodes

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gtf_dean_fenech hat geschrieben:hmmmm, everyones hair is horrible in season 2
I agree on that. Logan looks like he wants to go back to puberty in early S2, and Max looks... mainstreamish. Scetchy looks plain messed up in blonde and Cindy looks... more auntie-ish.

The only one who didn't change hairstyle for the worse is Normal.
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S1 was way better, but I love both. When I watched the series for the first time, I didn't have the chance to see a lot of S1 episodes, so I watched first completely S2. Anyway, when watching S1 I fell in love with it.
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Me , I love it all- season one was better but still season two of Dark Angel was still lightyears ahead of other shows.

First run though I caught various season one episodes, and all of the second season. I still remember waiting to watch 'Designate This' after AJBAC and being so scared what would happen to Max in Manticore and everything.
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An alternate ending for AJBAC, all because of one thing, Logan is captured by Manticore while Max got away. Inside of Manticore, struggling to hold onto his sanity, his identity, Logan has nowhere to hide. Will he survive to escape, or will Lydecker destroy him first?