Prodigy 1.05

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i'm not really precise with the vocabulary, but yes, it's that :).

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Re: Prodigy 1.05

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I'm not sure how I missed it all the other times watching the episodes, or if I just see it and my mind glazes over because I've seen Prodigy many times- but the way Jude looks at the terroists one by one and then Max does- it was just a really cool moment- but then I'm usually dissecting every Max/Lydecker face twitch and tone so, I get distracted.
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An alternate ending for AJBAC, all because of one thing, Logan is captured by Manticore while Max got away. Inside of Manticore, struggling to hold onto his sanity, his identity, Logan has nowhere to hide. Will he survive to escape, or will Lydecker destroy him first?