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yeah me too... virus, new look, alec... still getting use to all that but it had a season 1 feel because of all the different kids running away from something
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I just really think the younger generation should of had some more face time. Toward the end of season two, we saw some of the anomalies and everything, but I think even some of the x6s and x8s would have stayed. Some of them probably didn't know where to go. They were used to leadership and taking orders, if I were one, I would be confused if I just stepped out in the world I knew nothing about. Where I did not have to get in line like everyone else.

I think they could have stirred up things because not all of them would know how to adapt. They'd probably do the same as the kids in this episode and steal food. I mean, they could do crime because how could they know for sure what was legal and illegal?

I don't know, there are many places that season two did not go that I wish it had, it might have been better. The first season seemed like there was something new and interesting always going down, but it just got so intimate and redundant with storylines. I mean, the virus was a virus itself to the show, it was definitely an element to its demise. If they kept it fresh, the show would have gone on for many more seasons.