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The Berrisford Agenda 2.11

PostPosted: Sun 7. Sep 2008, 21:41
by Saahm23
USA: 18.01.2002
GER: 04.02.2003

Directed by: Jim Contner

While being haunted by music from the past, Alec must revisit one of his Manticore missions that went bad and resulted in the loss of his one true love. Max attempts to put the pieces of Alec’s past together and upon discovery of the truth sets out to help him as best she can.


Re: The Berrisford Agenda 2.11

PostPosted: Tue 13. Oct 2009, 17:48
by Allison Lightning
This was the episode that made me stop hating Alec... and I'll admit was really good for an Alec-centric and made even better by a very season one feel, and keeping everyone in character. ( And I of course was very happy to have a new reason to hate Sandoval)

But I feel they really missed a chance here at the end of the episode. Instead of just the whole ' Are you going to be alright/I'm always...' it would have been much more realistic- to have Max to try and talk to him about how that was what Manticore was, how it tried to make them not human- and for Alec to go off. Because Alec never ran from Manticore- it was burned down and there was nothing to say that if it set shop back up that he wouldn't go back.

I mean Alec, fanfiction wise is a great character to write for such as sad reason- they didn't expand him in moments like this and any kind of M/A scene just came out more brother and sister than anything else.

Otherwise, The Berrisford Agenda is one of those episodes like Hit A Sista Back and Female Trouble. It once again shows that to Manticore- they weren't people to those people. And it showed Alec having to begin to confront what Manticore really was and as I said, it's a tragedy they didn't take it further.