Harbor Lights 2.13

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Harbor Lights 2.13

Postby Saahm23 » Sun 7. Sep 2008, 21:43

USA: 08.02.2002
GER: 18.02.2003

Directed by: Kenneth Biller

When Max is accidentally shot during a botched robbery attempt and taken to a local hospital for emergency treatment, her true transgenic identity is threatened with exposure when abnormal qualities show up in her medical test results. Weakened by her injury and quarantined by the Center for Disease Control, Max, with Logan’s technological and logistical support, struggles to figure a way out of her dangerous situation before her biological origins are discovered. Adding to her problem is the fact that White has located her within the hospital and has ordered one of his team on the inside to destroy her.

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Postby Chrisisall » Sat 27. Sep 2008, 17:34

Harbor lights is one of the best eps of the second season, IMO. Only She Ain't Heavy & Freak Nation are better... :nation:

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