Hello, Goodbye 2.17

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Hello, Goodbye 2.17

Postby Saahm23 » Sun 7. Sep 2008, 21:48

USA: 05.04.2002
GER: 18.03.2003

Directed by: Jeff Woolnough

When Logan contracts the retrovirus once again, Max decides the only way to keep him safe is to let him go. Alec is arrested for murder, but is rescued by Max after she learns he’s being held for the crimes of his dead twin. Their tedious friendship is strengthened when Max confides in Alec over the fate of Ben, but when Logan witnesses Alec leaving her apartment the following morning, he jumps to conclusions.

Alec learns of Joshua’s infatuation with Annie, meanwhile White makes a bold move against the transgenics by exposing a transhuman to the public. And witnessing the tranhuman being beaten and shot dead by Sector Police on the news, Alec convinces Joshua that the only way to protect Annie is to send her away.

Later that evening, Max arrives at Logan’s apartment to show him a link she’s discovered between Sandeman and the Familiars, but instead finds a hurt Logan filled with drunken accusations. Realising this may be the best way to make him accept that it’s over, she allows him to believe she’s seeing Alec. The episode concludes with Max’s profound realization about life: Love sucks.

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Postby glows » Sat 21. Feb 2009, 07:22

I really believe this is one of the best episodes they had in Season Two. An episode like this is what makes me love watching television shows.

It managed to move the characters forward on the show which up until that point it seemed like the writers were stuck in the Max/Logan virus rut. For Max/Logan fans, it's bit of a heartbreaker but it was inevitable that Max would retract from him in the cruelest way possible by telling him it's over.

There is a good arch in the friendship (if that's what you could call it) between Max and Alec when she confesses why she acts the way she does around him and we manage to see Alec isn't such a desensitized jerk (even if it's clear before, Max still doesn't look past his face), but can relate with Max. For once Max isn't recognizing Alec for his face, but for who he is.

And the saddest part is when Joshua has to send Annie away! The tears he sheds as Annie gets to touch Alec's face instead of his own. There are some really wonderful personal insights into the characters, makes you love writing about them and what will happen to them in the following years to come.
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