Another DA Fanatic Joins Our Ranks

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Another DA Fanatic Joins Our Ranks

Postby Serenity » Tue 20. Apr 2010, 16:38

So I was in the mood to watch some DA Friday afternoon. One of my roommates was home and said she'd seen a few episodes but never the first one. So after I finished watching C.R.E.A.M. I played the first episode for her, then the 2nd, then the 3rd, and by about 11:00 that night we were half way through the first seaon. With a few breaks on Saturday and Sunday, as of last night my roommate had completed watching the 2nd season and I gave her the link to VS3/4 :D Another DA fanatic has joined our ranks!
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Re: Another DA Fanatic Joins Our Ranks

Postby Allison Lightning » Thu 22. Apr 2010, 03:05

It's always great to get more people into the series. I have hooked my fourteen year old brother into it and he really likes it, and I met this girl from work last year who didn't just like Dark Angel but also majorly looked like Tinga. And I've made my best friend watch the entire series, her favorite episode is 'Fuggedaboutit'. In exchange at some point I watched Firefly, it's acceptable but in no way as good as Dark Angel. But evil :fox: either way.

:group2: The more fans we have :group: - the better, I still haven't given up on a movie.
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